5 Secret Interior Design Tips from the Pros

March 3, 2021

After many years in the interior design industry, we’ve gathered a few tricks of the trade. Interior design is mostly about intuition. When creating a space that is unique to its owner, it is important to follow your instincts. There is truly no right or wrong when it comes to the artful creation and curation of spectacular interiors. However, here are some tips that regularly guide our team through the infinite design possibilities and winding design process with ease and sophistication. 

Keep reading to discover five amazing interior design tips directly from Alder and Tweed professionals.

The bigger, the better. Use large art, it makes a space feel taller and more open. The scale and perspective that comes from hanging oversized artwork naturally draws the eye upward and beautifully opens up a space. Because large artwork draws the eye up, it also brings more attention to many beautiful architectural details that are often overlooked. Wooden beams or scaling windows are better brought into perspective when paired with an exceptional, oversized, composition.

Use bold wallpaper in small spaces. We get it, your powder bathroom probably isn’t your top priority when it comes to designing your home. But don’t overlook this coveted space just yet! Powder bathrooms, mudrooms, butler pantries, and many other seemingly insignificant spaces often contain so much untapped potential. You can make these spaces beautiful and special by adding eye-catching and bold wallpaper. These spaces are the perfect place to experiment with interior design and uncover unconventional design styles.

Pattern combination. There is one interior design dilemma that continues to elude many - mixed patterns. Mixing patterns is one of the best kept design secrets. When you mix different patterns of varying sizes, colors, and textures, you open up endless possibilities. The juxtaposition between contrasting patterns adds such a fun and experimental energy to any space that we simply cannot resist.

Mix design styles. In truth, there are very few “pure” interior design styles. By mixing design styles, you can fully customize the aesthetic and energy of every space. We love combining the old with the new to create something that feels timeless and collected yet modern. We love how the mid-century modern architecture of this home pairs beautifully with the transitional furniture.

Trust your intuition. This may sound like an interior design cliche, but it's true! There is no right or wrong when it comes to interior design, so don’t be afraid to go crazy. Genuine design is timeless design. There is no need to feel like you have to design within the parameters of what the latest trends are. The interior design process is an intimate process where you get to project your dreams, desires, and personality into your home! Rather than following trends, spend time exploring your aesthetic and curating unique pieces that speak to you, such as picking out the perfect green mosaic for your fireplace mantle.

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