New York City Design Week 2023

June 12, 2023

A Trend Report from Heather Humphrey, Principal of Alder & Tweed

Heather Humphrey, left, and the Alder & Tweed Senior Design team in New York.

Whew- What a whirlwind!

This past week and a half for NYCxDESIGN has been the perfect storm of design events, showrooms visits, and, of course, sourcing and networking. With the plethora of new products, emerging designers and wonderful displays and showcases that happened this past week, I wanted to give you a round-up of some trends we noticed, and our favorite picks that we expect to see proliferating the industry and markets for the upcoming season: Ceramic Everything Blush is the New Black Artisan Detailing Whimsy, Found & Collected. With this report, I hope you find inspiration for any spaces that you want to refresh this summer.


Ceramic Everything

With the rise of interest in handcrafted objects for the home (and the shift away from mass produced products) it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see materials used in unexpected ways. Ceramic was a huge trending material that we saw— for everything from furniture like side tables, to dining tables, to lighting fixtures and lamps and even to bookends to elevate your bookshelf.

Blush is the New Black

No need for rose-colored glasses because blush is a hit color this season, and is being used to envelop whole rooms from lighting to walls to furniture. As a much more warm and personable neutral than ecru, blush is taking over homes and products. This color gives a room a cozy wash and exudes a sense of welcoming comfort.

Artisan Detailing

It’s all about the “human-hand” detailing for products and finishes this season. With the rise of maximalism and the desire for handmade over mass-produced, we saw a ton of examples of products for the home that feature finishing, textures and overall look of accentuated, handmade details. We are seeing objects without aesthetic flaws or factory-made products be replaced with objects that visually give a rich storytelling to how the object was made.

Whimsy, Found & Collected

Continuing on with the trends of artisan detailing and maximalism, we saw a huge trend of whimsical antique objects paired alongside new, handmade products. These vintage found and collected objects add an enormous amount of personality to a space and when paired with elevated, luxury products, gives interest to a room design and play into the storytelling of the homeowner’s fascinations.

Alder and Tweed