What's Inspiring Us Right Now

May 8, 2023

Design Inspiration Is All Around Us


With coronation fast approaching, it's only fitting to highlight this beautiful portrait of the lovely Queen Elizabeth II by Andy Warhol. We are inspired by this powerful duo because both figures have made profound contributions to their respective fields. Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning monarch in British history and is best known for her philanthropy and charitable work, along with being a skilled diplomat. We love Warhol's portrayal of the Queen and his unique approach to portraiture with bold colors and graphic shapes. His vibrant and playful art doesn't date and continues to inspire to this day.


Rome is an exquisite city and one of the world's premier travel destinations, renowned for its rich history and heritage. Set amidst the city's rich antiquities and culture, Six Senses Hotel is one of the most sought-after unforgettable summer getaways. We adore the thoughtful mix of old and new that went into the design of this beautiful hotel, embracing the classical architecture of the historic exterior and updating the interiors with a warm and organic nod to mid-century design.


This week celebrities gathered at the Met Gala in vintage Chanel to honor the life of iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Admired for his ingenuity and brilliant ability to create wearable beauty, Lagerfeld was best known for his timeless elegance in design that has pushed the boundaries of fashion and inspired many. Lagerfeld will not only remain one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry, his profound impact is far-reaching, greatly influencing the world of interiors. 

'I love to be creative all the time. If not, I would be bored and boredom is a crime.' - Karl Lagerfeld

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