10 Reasons to Live in the Mountains

February 3, 2021
If the mountain life is right for you, be sure to get in touch with us to design the mountain home of your dreams!

Mountain Views

How could you resist a view like this? Stunning mountain views are a beautiful backdrop to your everyday life.


One of our favorite things about living in the mountains is that you can ski or snowboard (pretty much) everyday from December to April.

Cozy Fires

One of the best kept mountain living secrets is that you get to cozy up by the fireplace nearly year round. You can find us here alllll winter long.

Mountain Lakes

There is something so majestic to be canoeing in a mountain lake with cliffs on both sides and calm water resting between.

Fall Foliage

Fall colors come earlier and last a little longer in the high mountains.

Farm to Table Culture

Having a community that values their local farmers and celebrates their food is truly special.

Fresh Air

There is something so refreshing about getting out of the city to breathe some clean mountain air (otherwise, you will need an indoor air purifier).

Endless Mountain Adventures

Only in the mountains can you find an endless supply of hikes, climbs, ad thrilling adventures.

Road Trips

There is so much to see when living in the mountains. A road trip or two are necessary to see it all.

The Mountains Are Where You Want To Be

You're right: the mountains are a beautiful place to live, with clean fresh air, and plenty of things to do both outside and in town.