At Alder & Tweed, we are OBSESSED with fun and beautiful wallcoverings. Bold wallcoverings can make the perfect statement in any space, while soft and subtle wallcoverings are the perfect compliment to beautiful design. Keep reading to discover some of Alder & Tweed’s favorite Phillip Jeffries luxury wallcoverings. 


“Get lost in the lush foliage of a multitude of colorations that are digitally printed on natural and vinyl grounds for a collection where artistry meets innovation.”

- Phillip Jeffries

Upon first impressions, this wallcovering is bold, unique, and playful; however this pattern has proven to be immensely versatile. Our design team used Arboretum in Graphite (Left) for a light, airy, and fun, girl’s bedroom. On the contrast, our team has also used this wallcovering in Dawn (Right) for a dark and moody aesthetic in this breathtaking entertainment space. 

W I S H 

“Organic imagery inspired by the look of antique photography and vintage negatives in a multitude of coloration are digitally printed on natural grounds for a collection where artistry meets innovation.”

- Phillip Jeffries

This playful office space is everything we could have ever dreamed of. The organic shapes and patterns of Phillip Jeffries Wish in Negative adds a softer layer to this sleek and modern office design. 

T U L U   C L O T H 

“Inspired by traditional mudcloth fabric. Hand printed by artisans on a selection of handcrafted natural wallcoverings - it’s a unique play on pattern and texture.”

- Phillip Jeffries

We love how this wallcovering features a fun pattern while maintaining its organic elements through its natural texture. Our Park City design team used Tulu Cloth in Nadu for this playful guest bedroom in a mountain modern ski home. The pattern of this wallcovering adds an element of playfulness while its organic texture softens the space.

Y A C H T   C L U B

“A natural with a luxe air. Authentic wood veneer is cut and hand placed in an interlocking pattern atop a metallic ground popping through with a glamorous three-dimensional chain effect.”

- Phillip Jeffries

This dark and moody office featuring Yacht Club in Onyx Spar feels luxurious and high-end. We are obsessed with the room's monochromatic color palette and the richness of the materials used. From the wood veneer wallcovering to the rich leather desk chair, this space oozes luxury design.


“The look of vapors rising from hot concrete is the inspiration for this smoldering design digitally printed on textured grounds for a collection where artistry meets innovation.”

- Phillip Jeffries

Here you can see how our design team used Phillip Jeffries Smoke in Dark Night for a luxe and dramatic statement wall in this stunning dining/kitchen area. This large scale print is perfect for open walls and spaces and adds a subtle touch of sophisticated urban flare.

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